Exercise-based treatment for injury rehab, direct billing for peace of mind.

ICBC covers injury rehabilitation with a kinesiologist to help you heal and return to your busy life. At Fernwood Movement Academy, we provide exercise-based treatment in the heart of downtown Victoria, with the goal of helping you regain confidence and function. We’re here to help you return to your everyday life with decreased pain and discomfort. Our bottom-up approach meets you where you are and builds you back up to daily tasks and goals, giving you the tools to feel safe during movement. ICBC automatically approves twelve kinesiology sessions in the first twelve weeks so you can start your injury rehabilitation journey as soon as possible. If you are beyond twelve weeks or need further treatment, we can apply to ICBC for additional coverage. We bill ICBC directly so you don’t have to worry about the cost. All you have to do is book your initial assessment and show up with your claim number. If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident and are experiencing pain or injuries, our team is ready to help!

In the first 12 weeks after your accident, you are pre-approved ICBC for 12 kinesiology sessions for active injury rehabilitation!

If you are beyond the first 12 weeks after your accident but are still suffering from the effects, and you would like to access kinesiology services as a part of your accident rehab, we can help you to seek approval from ICBC to get on the road to recovery!

I was in a car accident (rear-ended) in 2020 and had been to many different practitioners for help with a variety of injuries/symptoms including shoulder pain from a torn (slap tear) rotator cuff. As a result of the accident, I went from being a highly active person to not being able to put a shirt on without pain which severely hampered my ability to continue on with my regular daily routine. Because of the incredible progress I was able to make by working with Fernwood Movement Academy, I’ve since been able to fully resume both weight lifting/Thai boxing as a result of having more confidence in my shoulder and overall ability! They took me all the way from only being able to carry 10lbs in my hand to bench pressing 200+lbs. Because of this, I couldn’t be happier with my experience with the team and would definitely recommend working with both Brooke and Chantel especially if you’ve been in a car accident!

Chris M.


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Chantel Boychuk


Chantel is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Kinesiology program at Camosun College, having discovered a passion for movement during her nine-year career as a naval radar technician. Formerly an intern at Fernwood Movement Academy, her analytical and structured approach to training has helped her clients progress towards their goals, whether they want to lift more, run faster, move without pain and with confidence, or just leave each session feeling good and sweaty.

As well as being a Registered Kinesiologist, Chantel is a Certified Personal Trainer with a certificate in Pre- and Postnatal Exercise Specialization. Recognizing that pregnancy can be a challenging time to exercise, Chantel wants to help her clients find safe movement to have their healthiest possible pregnancy.

Chantel works with clients in all stages of life, and is passionate about building strength and movement literacy in her clients. She strives to match the energy of her clients as they walk in the door that day to provide exactly what they need to feel their best.



Brooke Dendl


Brooke grew up exploring the Gulf Island and the outskirts of Nanaimo. She moved down to Victoria in 2015 to pursue her education at Camosuns’ BSFL program where she graduated as a Kinesiologist in 2020.

Today, she is the owner of Fernwood Movement Academy and believes exercise is not only a means to achieve fitness but can also take on the form of education, healing, and confidence building. Brooke always takes care to start with fundamentals and leaves lots of room for question asking. Her intention is that you leave feeling better than when you walked in and she achieves this through committed assessment, personalized session building, and room for exertion and fun.

Brooke works with everyone from weekend warriors and teen athletes, to those with autoimmune disorders and complex pain clients. She wants to provide a space where everyone who walks through her door is aligned and working towards their own longevity, their health and wellness.




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